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With over 40 years servicing New Canaan residential & Norwalk/New Canaan commercial refuse pick up needs, AMEC is the company to trust. Our stellar staff makes sure that we stick to schedule & keep you regularly serviced.  You don't even have to bring your trash to the curb again!  We offer back door service, so if you'd like, our experienced & reliable drivers can go where you want on your property to service your containers.  You can rest assured that your trash can and recycle bin will be placed back in the area it was originally found so that you’ll never have to search for missing trash cans or lids on pickup day.  The same friendly & personable drivers provide your collection every week, so you’ll know exactly who is on your property and why. 

Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, or an office manager, AMEC Refuse is your single source for all refuse needs!

You can choose whether you would like to use your own containers, or we can provide you with a recycling bin and/or an animal proof, 96 gallon trash toter.  


AMEC Refuse observes the following holidays:

Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

  • How will my schedule change during holidays?
    Holidays are fun for everyone, even your garbage man! During a holiday week, everyone who is scheduled on the day of the holiday will be rescheduled for the next day for pick up. The entire route for the rest of the week, will follow this rescheduling model, and your pick up day will move ahead one day, except for Saturday collections. For instance, if a holiday falls on a Wednesday: Your Monday Pickup will stay the same Your Tuesday Pickup will stay the same Your Wednesday Pickup will be on Thursday Your Thursday Pickup will be on Friday Your Friday Pickup will be on Saturday You Saturday Pickup will stay the same
  • What do I do if my garbage doesn't all fit in my toter this week?
    We will not pick up anything that is not inside the garbage can or recycling bin, unless you request us to. If you have more garbage than usual, please call us to request additional pickup.
  • What can be recycled in my recycling bin?
    Below is our recommendation to ensure the best recycling results of your recycling container: Junk Mail, Magazines, Newspapers & Inserts, Cereal Boxes & Gift Boxes must be tied up with string or placed in a paper bag in your recycling bin Plastics #1-#7 (must be empty & lids removed) All glass food & beverage containers (Must be empty & lids removed) All metal food & beverage containers up to #10, all aluminum cans, aluminum foil and containers (must be empty)
  • What can't be recycled in my recycling bin?
    Below is a list of recyclable items with the proper recycling process for your recycling bin: Plastic bottle tops Plastic or metal hangers #2 Plastics buckets Laundry Baskets, Toys or Recycling Bins
  • What if I miss my pickup?
    Call us at (203)642-3530 ext 1 and we'll reschedule!
  • I have things to get rid of other than my normal household garbage. What do I do?
    For all extra items, other than normal household garbage, please call us at (203) 642-3859 to schedule an extra pickup or for answers to any questions you may have. -Keep the list below the new statement listing the items: Fridges Brush & Branches Logs & Firewood Rugs Couches Televisions Stoves Dishwashers Washing Machines Bikes Huge Toys Dryers Jungle Gyms Sheet Rock Scraps Ceiling Fixtures 2x4'S Cardboards Boxes Pet Cages Tables Dressers Chairs Computers Desks Grass Clippings Leaves Copy Machines Fencing ETC...
  • Can I throw specialty items into my garbage can?
    The Town of New Canaan only accepts normal household garbage (food waste, recycling & daily household common garbage). Please help us stay within the guidelines. If you have any of the special items, or have any questionable items, we have to arrange for a special pickup so that the items can be disposed of appropriately and we can stay on the town's and the earth's good side! Thank you for your understanding!
  • Can you help with my remodeling or demolition waste?
    Yes of course! Our sister company, AMEC Carting offers dumpsters for construction and demolition waste. AMEC Refuse customers will get a discount on construction and demolition dumpster services ordered through AMEC Carting.


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